Anchor Tents And Structures

Anchor Span tents, also known as structures, are a wider type of frame tent. The dimensions on a Anchor Span range from 60 ft. to 120 ft. wide (and wider). The fabric runs through a track in the structure made of extruded aluminum beams.

Founded in 1892, Anchor Industries is one of the leading manufacturers in the United States for frame and fabric products. We craft high-quality event tents, awnings, canopies, shade and clear span structures, and pool covers, helping you elevate your commercial or residential space.

Anchor Industries Navi-TracĀ® GetOnTrac clear span structures offer an event hosting solution that elevates your space and provides greater weather protection than traditional tents. With their strong structural components and comprehensive protection, these structures are ideal for everything from hosting large weddings to providing covered walkways from the driveway to an event center.

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The rafters are left exposed at the front to resemble the guy lines of an A-frame tent that anchor the structure to the ground, maximizing light and creating an open decking with 270-degree views of t…

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Tents – Large, Fabric Structures Anchors for Large Tents, Fabric and Metal Structures and Shelters Customers use Penetrators, Arrowheads and Bullets for anything that can be blown away or tipped over.

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With three anchor points and the use of tension instead of poles, the Tentsile is part tent and part hammock. The structure is made from a collapsable frame of webbing straps with fire retardant, UV P…