Different Types Of Fabric Names

Duck or Canvas Fabric. Canvas Shoes, by Capri23auto Canvas fabrics are generally made of Cotton, Linen, or synthetic in heavyweights with an even firm weave. Generally used for tents, motor hoods, belting, packagings, sneakers, painting canvases, tents, sandbags, Duck fabrics are rough fabrics.

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Jacquard. A type of fabric that is defined by the process of weaving (by using the jacquard attachment on the loom) that creates it. It is a decorative fabric with an intricately woven pattern. Some types of jacquard fabrics have specific names, such as damask and brocade.

Fabrics in this list include fabrics that are woven, non-woven, as well as knitted fabrics and netting fabrics, and technical fabrics (such as Gore-Tex and Gannex). A fabric may share the name of the fibre from which it is made if its content is derived entirely from the fibre (such as angora fabric …

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Learning About Fabrics 1: The Who, What, and How Here are five different types of … to Gujarat and Rajasthan. The name is derived from the word ‘bandhna’ which means to tie, wherein portions of fabric are tied around a pebble and then …

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Every manufacturer has different names … opacity of the shade fabric. lift systems also affect the cost of the shade; some lift systems are not available across shade types.