Renter Resume: Sample Letter to Rent a House

When you apply for a new job, you know that you’ll need to submit a cover letter and resume. It’s the best way to show your past work experience and qualifications. But did you know that you can also create a renter resume and rental cover letter as you hunt for a new place to rent?

That’s right! A renter resume is a great way to highlight your past rental history, detail your income and occupation and help the landlord get to know you better. Renter resumes help you stand out from lots of applicants. They also show your future landlord just how serious you are about wanting to rent a home from them.

When you find yourself looking to rent a new home and you want to better your odds of securing that lease, check out this sample letter to rent a house and draft up your own renter resume.

Rental resume review.

When to create a renter resume

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to move and find a new place to live, you’ll start the house hunt to find some new locations to rent. When you go to rent a new place, you’ll have to fill out a rental application, which is standard practice.

While a renter resume isn’t required, it’s a nice added touch to help the landlord know you better. Here are a few scenarios when you should create a renter resume:

It’s a competitive market

Just like dream jobs, your dream apartment may go up on the market and quickly get snatched up. A renter resume is a great way to stand out from other potential tenants in a hot market.

Your rental or job history is spotty

Landlords look at your past job and rental history to predict what kind of tenant to expect. Property managers want to rent to people who have a consistent income, will pay the rent on time and will become a good edition to the neighborhood and other tenants.

If your history has gaps, a renter resume is a great way to explain the circumstances surrounding it. This is your chance to vouch for yourself, explain your history and convince the landlord that you’re a worthy candidate for the rental.

You don’t have a rental history yet

In some cases, people like students or newlyweds who have never rented before will lack rental history. In these situations, you won’t have a rental history to highlight and show that you would make an excellent tenant.

Use a renter resume to explain who you are and why you’d be a great tenant.

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What to include in your renter resume

If you think a renter resume is a good option for you, here are the details you must include:

  • Contact information: Include your contact information like your email and phone number so the landlord can easily reach you
  • Objective: Include two to three sentences that clearly state what you’re hoping to achieve and why it’s important to you. Make this a short and concise paragraph that outlines why you want to rent a new home.
  • Background and personal information: Include details like hobbies, interests or how you spend your free time. While you don’t have to include details like race, gender, religion, familial status or age — absolutely include things that’ll humanize your application and show your personality.
  • Rental history: Talk about where you last lived, why you’re moving and what you’re hoping to get out of the new location. This is your opportunity to talk about what kind of neighbor you are and how you’ll be as a future tenant.
  • Work or student history: Another important thing to include in your renter resume is your work or student history. If you’re currently employed, you can provide information about your job status. This shows you’re a steadily employed person who will pay rent on time. If you’re a student, showcase your dedication to education. Talk about how those qualities will apply to you as a tenant, too. Landlords want to rent to dependable, stable people so use your work history and ethic clear.
  • References: While you can put lots of good things about yourself on paper, a personal reference is incredibly important to see what other people say about you. When you include references, avoid listing family members. Instead, put people like your manager, past neighbors or mentors. If your landlord calls them and asks about you, these people will advocate for you.

Renter resume template

We’ve included a renter resume template to use as a sample letter to rent a house. Simply fill in the blanks with your personal information. You can also download the word document template here.

Your name
Email address
Phone number
Current address

OBJECTIVE: Write two to three sentences explaining your goals and motivations for wanting to move to this location.

(Example: I am interested in renting this home from you as I’m looking for a home in a location that is closer to work, has more space and is located in a neighborhood where I can walk and enjoy my neighbor’s company. This location seems like the perfect fit as it meets my needs and would be a great place to settle down long-term.)

BACKGROUND AND PERSONAL INFORMATION: Write two to three sentences about who you are, what you like to do and why you’re a good tenant.

(Example: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City and am now looking for a home of my own to rent. I went to school at the University of Utah and graduated with a degree in marketing. My husband and I are looking for a home where we can raise our two children. We like to go on walks, visit new parks, picnic as a family and explore new places. The location of this home is perfect for us as it’s close to work and good schools. We are a friendly, outgoing family who is eager to rent in a safe, clean neighborhood full of good people.)

RENTAL HISTORY: Include three to four sentences about where you’ve previously lived and why you’re moving. This section is very important because it’ll indicate what type of renter you are.

(Example: Before looking for a new place to live, I rented an apartment and resided there for X years. The reason I’m looking to move is that I want a place with more space and a backyard. I always paid the rent on time, kept the place clean and orderly and was a courteous neighbor at my previous location.)

WORK HISTORY: Draft three to four sentences detailing your work history, proof of income and employment record.

(Example: I’ve worked at the same company for five years. I’m dedicated to my work and company, which shows stability. I’m a hardworking person who values my job, hard work and a good work-life balance. When switch jobs, I make sure my finances are in order beforehand and have other work options lined up so I can stay consistent with an income.)

REFERENCES: Include a list of two to three references, your relationship to them, their phone numbers, email numbers and the best time to contact them. Make sure you let the references know that you’ve listed them so they are not caught off guard if the landlord reaches out to them.

Rental resume review.

Use your renter resume to impress future landlords

Once you’ve found the perfect place to rent, it’s time to write the perfect sample letter to rent a house. A one-page renter resume lets you stand out from other applicants and delight your future landlord.

Take a little extra time to write a renter resume using our template. You’ll find yourself moving into your dream home in no time.

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