Renting A Tent For A Wedding Cost

Welcome to Real Talk Week at Philadelphia wedding … rentals was essential. Getting a nicer tent, having farm tables and bamboo chairs, benches for the ceremony—those were things I had to have. But …

The added rental costs may annoy couples who want to wed in the sunshine, but it’s best to have a backup plan. Nobody wants to sit through a wedding ceremony amidst pouring rain and heavy winds. Katz …

Discount Party Tent I love to travel, party and meeting new people … Of course, they gave us a significant discount. However, we had

What It Costs to Rent a Wedding Tent. Expect to spend a fair amount to create the perfect wedding tent setting for your upcoming wedding. The tent rental price itself can start at $250 for a small frame that can accommodate 25 to 40 guests, and the price can go up from there to about $500 or even more.

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Here’s a snapshot of some general wedding tent rental costs*: Basic tent structure cost: 0 for your smallest tent (like the one you might use for your caterers) up to $5,000+ depending on size, type, etc.

But if you have to rent a wedding tent (and don’t kid yourself: outdoor venue, no back up plan, high chance of rain? You may have to), then you’re going to want to make sure you price that in your “affordable and easy” outdoor venue cost early on, and then keep reading.

7 Ways to Plan an Outdoor Event on a Budget Since it’s hard to calculate the exact cost of a wedding, given the variety of amenities and … reception or both. You can rent a 20-by-20 canopy tent on the lawn for an extra $200. The sunset views …