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Endura-Aluminum columns are a solid choice for your Endura-Aluminum columns are a solid choice for your home improvement needs. Durable and beautiful these columns add incredible value to your home. In addition they are virtually maintenance-free easy to install and have the option of load-bearing capabilities all at the fraction of the cost of traditional columns.

mecc interiors inc. Hiding Support Columns and Beams creative ways to incorporate support columns in design With this house, interior designer Eric Kant has gone to great lengths to create a home that is not only sleek and stylist, but also has all the trappings of modern luxury.

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Support  Column Ideas You’re going to need a column to support that roof!” Renovation junkies experience the same jolt of reality when “Let’s just tear that wall down and open this space up” becomes complicated with pesky terminology like “load bearing.” Indeed, columns are often unavoidable in open floor plans.

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Square columns are a more enduring element of American architecture; styles range from plain columns to fluted columns, chamfered columns or panel columns. Depending on the material, they may be used as an interior column, exterior column, column cover or as a support column. Many are available split for use as a pilaster. Consider using our …

Decorative Wood Columns Most Consider Wood as the Best Choice for Interior Columns. At Elite Trimworks, our attention to detail and devotion to the classical orders are absolute. Due to the standards of our workmanship, we produce columns to meet your individual uses and needs.