This Arkansas Hobbit House is Right Out of the Shire

In the woods of Northwest Arkansas, just four miles from the site of the first Walmart is an incredible rental property even Frodo and Bilbo Baggins would feel at home in. It’s the Hobbit House, an Arkansas “Earth Ship” and sustainable home available for rent in Rogers just outside Bentonville on the edge of the Ozark Mountains.

The Hobbit House is a mix of modern and medieval. This three-building sustainable oasis has a fabulous outdoor space located in the heart of an idyllic, wooded glen. The setting will transport you to the countryside of Hobbiton while providing all the amenities, conveniences and luxuries of contemporary times.

An incredibly unique property

Ying yang floor at earth ship house in arkansas

The property is known by both the Hobbit House and Earth Ship Arkansas monikers, and it’s easy to see why. It’s at once fancifully feudal and bohemian modern. The three buildings were hand-built by the owners — the project of a family looking to create something unique and attention-grabbing that fit within their highly sustainable lifestyle.

The 15-year-old house is actually a series of three interconnected “homes,” each with its own singular story. In all, the property features six bedrooms — accommodating up to 16 guests. Among its nearly other 20 rooms, you will find three bathrooms, two kitchens, three living spaces and a number of specialty rooms.

This only begins to tell part of the story.

Aerial view of the Earth Ship House.

Its 4,231 square feet of living space sits on nearly four and a third acres. The inside is part treehouse and part log cabin, part Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and part burrowing hole. The handcrafted structures — built by hand — come from local natural materials like unrendered wood and handcrafted clay.

Real sustainable living

Staircase in earth ship house in arkansas

The floorplans are open and spacey, full of cavernous living areas and loft overlooks. Every room features indoor gardens, massive flowerboxes and giant indoor plants and banana trees naturally watered from recycled rain and shower runoff.

At the Hobbit House, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. The entire space is completely sustainable with natural power and recaptured water available.

With angled windows, heat capture and thick clay walls, the structure maintains heat and cold naturally, and two of the buildings offer wood-burning stoves to go along with central heat and air conditioning.

A Frodo-worthy main building made from tires


What truly makes this Earth Ship a true Hobbit home is its grand gothic threshold. The main entrance to the home would make any elf, dwarf, dragon or Tolkien fan proud.

The striking circular wooden doorway is a stone garden-covered fortress, covered in clay and grass. You could almost swear it was a portal to the Overworld.

Through the Hobbit door is the entranceway into the “Tire Home,” the property’s master building. Constructed from recycled tires, the entire building benefits from this because it provides sustainable climate control. Every wall is hand-packed and hand-painted, giving each a unique shape and texture. The front great room features a large ying-yang mosaic on the floor and gets even more interesting from there.

The Tire Home is the site of the master bedroom, the largest of the six. The first-floor sleeping area has gigantic angled windows at the foot of the luxury king-sized bed overlooking the backyard, a large flowerbox surrounded by giant leafy plants and recycled watering, a large private closet and an ensuite bathroom that contains a handmade clay tub with copper fixtures. The room partitions itself off from the house by a long, private hallway.

Upstairs, the front building offers two loft bedrooms, one with a queen bed and one with a full. Access these spaces via a hand-strung ladder and feature interior balconies, walk-in closets and a shared bath.

Downstairs there is also a sunlight-washed six-seat half kitchen, a main foyer and a seating area surrounding a wood-burning stove.

A house made of straw even a big bad wolf would love

Living room in earth ship house in arkansas

The master building is not in fact the main building. This is found in the next section, the “Straw Bale Home.” The large lodge-type structure, insulated by dozens of hand-stacked straw bales, forms its interior walls.

Downstairs in the hay house is the property’s main living room, a design right out of the most interesting Pocono mountain chalet. The giant space has two-story high ceilings held aloft by wooden beams. The common space has an extra cozy seating and rec area big enough for everyone to curl up and watch a movie on the 60″ smart television.


Off the living room you’ll find the residence’s main kitchen and dining room. The cooking space is big enough to feed your party and offers modern appliances, a grand prep island and a two-tub sink.

Just past the kitchen is a four-person breakfast space and a gigantic dinner table that seats 16. A second wood-burning stove warms the space which also includes a covered patio.

Up a logwood staircase are two more loft bedrooms, one with a king-sized bed and one with a full.

A dedicated game room not just for Hobbits

Game room in earth ship house in arkansas

The final building is the “Game Room” which connects the other two living sections of the Hobbit House. It’s a veritable plethora of unplugged fun, stocked with a ping-pong table, cornhole set, board games, a small library, an equipped fitness area and giant framed newspaper articles about the construction of the property and its sustainability.

Tired after your day of gaming? The Game Room offers a hideaway king-size bedroom behind a privacy curtain at the end of the room.

Even dragons will hang in this backyard


What’s inside the Earth Ship is just the start. Even the most hard-working Hobbit will love the modern backyard area that is definitely not medieval. A gigantic pool is the centerpiece of a patio swim area that would be the envy of any suburban family.

The pool is surrounded by a locally sourced, handmade wooden ring deck that offers a six-guest dining table, hammock, fire pit, propane grill and outdoor wood shower. Elsewhere on the property is an intimate side patio with overhead string lights and a regulation basketball hoop.

A quiet oasis not far from civilization

While the Hobbit House may feel like an oasis in the Middle-Earth woods, it’s never far from anything you desire, whether you are looking for your precious or just a good place to eat.

Your Earth Ship Arkansas is just five minutes from downtown Rogers — a city of 70,000 in Northwest Arkansas. For outdoor recreation, 32,000 acre Beaver Lake and its picnic sites, beaches, hiking trails and boat launches are just ten minutes away. Hobbs State Park, a camping area and nature center, is just 15.

And for modern-day diversions, The Quarter Shopping Center and Frisco Station Mall are both under 15 minutes away, as is the world headquarters of Walmart in Bentonville. The property is even adjacent to the Prairie Creek Country Club.

Find your way to the Earth Ship Arkansas

Door in earth ship house in arkansas

You can rent the Hobbit House, either by yourself or with 15 of your closest friends. The One Rental To Rule Them All can be yours even without trekking across Middle-Earth. You can find all the information you need about the Earth Ship in Arkansas on the property’s listing at

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