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Commercial Tents For Sale Used Pole Tents, Event Tents, & Commercial Party Tents. Here at Miami Missionary Tent Company, we design and manufacture high-quality, heavy-duty, American-made vinyl tents.These can be used as revival tents for Christian ministries, parties, weddings, meetings and special events.

Cheap Tent Rentals Houston Party rentals in houston include tent rentals and supplies for weddings, corporate events, private parties and more. acme party & Tent

Why keep your party guests cooped up inside if you have beautiful scenery and fresh air at your disposal outside? Used party tents can allow you to affordably host a wedding, birthday party, or any other event in the great outdoors.

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Industrial Tents For Rent • Industrial tents are also used on job sites for equipment refurbishing, as lunch tents, break and safety meeting tents, road

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Large, fully engineered free span structures to cover industrial and commercial space. storage tents, portable warehouses, instant institutions, equipment covers ranging up to 200’ – 60m wide and infinitely expandable length.

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Memorable Performances. Tentnology’s SaddleSpan™ stage covers, band shells, concert and event tents are tensile membrane structures, offering the look and distinction of architecturally designed space with the performance, flexibility and affordability of a portable tent.