Warehouse Cost Per Square Foot

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This statistic displays the average international cost for building one square meter of internal space for industrial buildings across the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, measured in British pounds.

If you are thinking of investing in cold storage, it is important to find out all that you can about cold storage warehouse construction costs per square foot.

Hi Mimi, thanks for your question. This data is from 2009, so adjusting for inflation, you would be looking at between $160 and $200 per square foot to build that product mix, depending on level of finish and a number of other factors.

In an effort to keep our construction cost information up to date on our site, it is time for an update on the construction cost per square foot for one of our most popular project types: office buildings

There are also smaller industrial sizes in Orange County, compared to Los Angeles. Smaller units translates to a higher cost …

How much does it cost to build out office space for tenants? Definitely want to find out before signing an office lease. Check out this post for great tips.