What is a Pet Wash?

A pet wash is a station designed specifically for bathing and grooming pets. Usually, a pet wash contains a large basin with a spray hose and a designated dry-off area with a vacuum or blow dryer.

Pet wash stations may also come equipped with shampoo and other cleaning agents at some apartment communities.

Do all apartments have pet washes?

Pet wash stations are becoming more and more common in apartment communities, but they definitely aren’t everywhere. Where you’re most likely to find a pet wash station is a newer apartment community, an apartment community that’s recently been upgraded or at an explicitly pet-friendly apartment community.

Why you may want to consider an apartment with a pet wash

If you’re a pet owner, you may think that a pet wash couldn’t increase the quality of your life by that much. After all, you’ve been bathing your furry family member some other way this whole time, right? But, there are certainly some advantages to having an in-building pet wash that you may not have considered.

  • Designated place to wash dogs during the cold, winter months
  • No risk of clogging your unit’s plumbing with pet hair
  • Facilities designed specifically for pets, including ramps to easily get large dogs in and out of the bath
  • Built-in systems to remove loose hair and reduce shedding

What does a pet wash look like?

pet wash

Pet wash stations come in a number of forms. However, there’s at least a baseline level that includes a wash basin, a drying table and a hair vacuum.

Beyond that, some apartment communities may offer luxury amenities. Just take a look at the pet wash from the Avalon Willoughby Square Apartments in Brooklyn, NY, pictured above.

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