Why Is Osha Important To You

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Who Is OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration PowerPoint Slideshow about ‘Why is OSHA Important to You?’ – finley. Workers may point out hazards, describe injuries, illnesses or near misses that resulted from those hazards and describe any concern you have about a safety or health issue. workers can find out about inspection results, abatement measures and may object to dates set for violation to be corrected.

Confidence votes 44. Safety is important to you, because without safety, you would always be in danger. Safety is important because that is what helps you to keep you alive, and nobody wants to die. 3 people found this useful.

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In 1970, Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Act to protect workers from workplace hazards. This law requires companies to enact policies and procedures aimed at protecting their workers. A federal agency maintains approximately 2,200 inspectors to protect the health and safety of these approximately 130 million employees.